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Duct Tape Derby

March 22 @ 3:00 pm 4:00 pm

Second Annual Duct Tape Derby!! Watch as teams compete in vessels made entirely out of cardboard and duct tape. Or, sign up yourself and participate in the fun. All it takes is some creativity, engineering skills, and courage. Build your vessel before derby day. Take as much time as you want to plan, design, and build.

  • What is it? A fun, family friendly, race down Crockett with your cardboard and duct tape vessel!
  • How many people per vehicle? Between 2 – 5 people. All ages are allowed!
  • Cost? $10 per vessel, collected day of at the ticket window.
  • What material can I use in my build? Cardboard, duct tape, and paint ONLY.
  • What are the prize categories?
    • Fastest vessel
    • Most Creative vessel
    • Best Costumes
    • Funniest vessel name
    • Slowest vessel

  • Tips for building your derby racer:
  • Sled-shaped vessels tend to get the best momentum — long and narrow.
  • Duct-tape on the bottom of your vessel increases momentum.
  • There are different kinds of cardboard. The kind with plastic coating will slide better.
  • Weight distribution matters. The heavy part of the sled (wherever you are seated) will naturally “want” to be in front. This means that rear-weighted vessels will tend to spin 180 degrees and send you down backwards.
  • Adding “runners” to the bottom of your vessel may increase your speed by reducing surface friction with the snow.
  • Weight = speed. All other things being equal, adding bodies to your vessel will cause it to go faster.

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