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Apollo Announcement

Nordic Valley Community,

My name is Pascal Begin and I am the General Manager here at Nordic Valley. I wanted to reach out to provide a much awaited update on our beloved Apollo chairlift. We’ve faced quite a few hurdles this season but are continually reminded of how thankful we are to have the support from this community. 

Our purpose at Nordic Valley is to ensure skiing is accessible to all. We do this by offering affordable lift tickets and passes and even offer a free Power Kids season pass to all children 12 and younger. To ensure we can continue to give people the freedom to ski, we have decided to do a complete overhaul of the Apollo chairlift (top to bottom and everything in between), so we can continue to provide the great experience and value Nordic has to offer.

After vetting all possible solutions, we are extremely excited to announce we have signed a contract with a team of Hall lift experts who will be working on this comprehensive overhaul of the Apollo chairlift. There are a number of components we will be working on this off season to get Apollo back spinning and we will be committing all our efforts and resources into this project. What’s even more exciting is that progress has already commenced on this project.

Thank you all again for your support. We will be updating you all on the progress we are making throughout the season and we look forward to seeing you enjoy Apollo again in the future.

Pascal Begin

General Manager

Power Pass Resorts