Uphill Access Policy

This policy is to serve as a guideline for the public use of Nordic Valley Ski Area apart from traditional skiing and snowboarding via the chairlifts. A certain amount of discretion is necessary to maintain an acceptable level of safety, and the area may deny access to anyone who they feel is creating a hazard.

In general;

After Hours Use: Defined as anytime the area is not open for business – after ski lifts close for the evening and before they open in the morning and also when the resort has closed for the season.

  • Non motorized uphill and downhill traffic is permitted including cross country or mountaineering skis, snowshoes, mountain bikes and hikers with or without their dogs. All such users including skiers, snowboarders and bikers are responsible for their own safety and rescue and the resort assumes no liability for their activities. Furthermore such users must be aware that they may encounter vehicle traffic related to resort functions and stay clear of area snowcats, snowmobiles and other equipment on the mountain.
  • Hunting is not allowed.
  • Motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles are not allowed with the exception of Resort affiliated vehicles.
  • Pack animals are allowed on roads or Pine Canyon Trail only. They are not allowed on ski runs during winter including Old Barn which is the summer service road.
  • Service vehicles and construction equipment are allowed at the request of area personnel.


During Hours Use: To include people already up on the mountain when lifts open,

  • Non motorized uphill traffic is permitted but such traffic must keep to the side of the ski runs and out of skier traffic as much as possible. Skiers, snowshoers, and hikers must travel single file in this fashion. Parents, relatives and friends on the beginner runs must also stay at the side of the ski run and out of skier traffic. Pets must also be leashed and kept out of skier traffic.
  • People may hike up and ski/ride down the open runs. No one is allowed on closed runs. Skiers/riders outside the ski area boundary do so at their own risk. Passholders may egress the ski area boundary after unloading the ski lift with conventional gear.
  • Anyone using the terrain park must have a valid pass.
  • People with snowshoes or skis with climbing skins are not allowed to ride up chairlifts. Any guest using the chairlift must have a valid pass. Only trained rescue dogs may ride on the lift. Only resort workers are permitted to download the chairlifts.
  • Mountain bikers or hikers may not ride or hike up bike trails during summer business hours with the exception of Old Barn Run or Pine Canyon Trail, all other bike trails are one way only.