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Annual Pond Skim

Will you sink or skim? The annual party is back and better than ever! Sponsored by Pepsi, Spy goggles. and Nordic Valley. A DJ will be bringing the hype, so make sure your bring your fan club to watch your skim! Podium Prizes:

Last Chair Concert

Let's kick off this weekend right!! After the Duct Tape Derby and night skiing, head inside the barn for an evening concert by local artists! Lots of good vibes and reminiscing on the best season ever at Nordic Valley! No purchase required to attend. The Itinerary

Duct Tape Derby

We want to extend the end of season party beyond our annual pond skim party! This year we will have our first Duct Tape Derby!! Watch as teams compete in vessels made entirely out of cardboard and duct tape. Or, sign up yourself and participate in the fun. All it takes is some creativity, engineering […]

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