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Apollo Operations Update

Update: 12/15/23

Welcome back to the slopes of Nordic Valley for another fantastic season! We extend a warm welcome to the community who bring the slopes of Nordic Valley to life. To all of our customers, your passion for the slopes, the familiar camaraderie, and the shared love for Nordic Valley create an atmosphere like no other and we’re elated to have you with us for the already ongoing 2023-2024 season!

It is with sincere regret we inform you that our beloved Apollo Chairlift is currently being restored to working order, and it will be out of operation until further notice. While addressing issues from the previous season, our dedicated maintenance team discovered additional issues that require extensive repairs. In the interest of ensuring the safety and reliability of the chairlift, we have decided to undertake a comprehensive restoration project, temporarily closing the Apollo Chairlift for an undetermined period of time.

Given the temporary closure of the Apollo Chairlift, we have implemented an alternative transportation solution that will be a lot of fun for all. Skiers and snowboarders will be provided with transport with our two new multi-passenger Alpina Sleds ensuring a seamless transition to the Express Chairlift and tentatively to the top of Apollo as well.

Photo: Alpina Sled

I am thrilled to share some other exciting news. On top of an additional 200 parking spots we added to our property, we are also debuting TWO NEW SKI RUNS on the Express side: My Backyard (advanced) and Berserker (intermediate). These two new runs are bound to become favorites as it features some very fun fall lines. It will bring our total trail count on Express to 20! We can’t wait to drop the rope on these new runs once mother nature can cooperate and help with the current snow coverage. These new runs will of course be accessible with our new transport system.

Our team is working diligently to expedite the restoration project on the Apollo Chairlift, and we will keep you updated on the progress and expected reopening date. Your understanding and support during this time are genuinely appreciated.  I invite you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and periodically check our website for additional information and updates on the progress to Apollo.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Nordic Valley community. We look forward to welcoming you to the slopes and providing you with an exceptional winter sports experience.

Best regards,

Pascal Begin
General Manager
Nordic Valley Ski Resort

When Will Apollo Be Fixed?

Our dedicated maintenance team is working around the clock to resolve the issue and we will provide further updates on our blog, Instagram, and Facebook.

How Can I Access the New Terrain?

Our team is committed to providing an exceptional skiing experience to all our guests and this year we will introduce a new way to shuttle our guests to the Nordic Express via Alpina Sleds – These state-of-the-art oversized Sherpa-style snowmobiles will be pulling two carriages each and will be accommodating up to 200 riders per hour.

When Will The Shuttle Be Open To Ride?

The Aplina Sled shuttle system will be available to guests as soon as we receive enough snow coverage to access Nordic Express and additional terrain. We will continue to provide further updates through our blog, Instagram, and Facebook.

What Happened To The Apollo Chairlift, And Why Weren’t Issues Addressed Earlier?

In spring, we identified that Apollo required a new gearbox. However, sourcing parts for such an old chairlift isn’t straightforward. There are no readily available parts off the shelf; each component needs custom engineering and manufacturing. We finally received the necessary parts in the fall. During the installation process, we discovered additional issues, which were not apparent until after we started working with the new parts. We’re actively addressing these new challenges to get Apollo back in operation.

How Are Safety Precautions Being Implemented For The New Shuttle System?

We’re carefully considering all aspects, including diligently thought out methods for boarding, transit, and disembarking. We are working with ski patrol and mountain operations to come up with the safest possible routes. Safety is truly our number one concern in introducing this new and exciting option for getting around the mountain. While we are waiting on Mother Nature to provide more snow to open the rest of the skiable terrain, we are going to use that time to thoroughly train our operators with the best and safest procedures. So much so, you might feel like you are on a ride at Disneyland.

What Are Alpina Sleds?

We have purchased 2 new Superclass 1.2L’s, a twin-tracked utility snowmobile. Features of this dual-track snowmobile include: a lightweight frame, an incredible ability to ride over deep snow, and an exceptional towing capacity. These snowmobiles have been purchased alongside with Transalps towing sleds that will haul 18 passengers per shuttle.

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