New Lift Update 1/19/21

We are so excited for our New Lift to be up and running. There has been much work and sacrifice put into this lift and it will be great to see our guests, employees, and community enjoy it. 

Our new high speed 6-person chair lift will be open to the public as soon as we receive sufficient snow to open the new terrain that the lift serves. Our grooming and snowmaking team is currently doing their best to push snow over to the in and out access trails in order to ensure safety and accessibility to and from the new lift.

Approximately 50 of the 300 acres will be available to ride when the lift is opened to the public with plans to open more. We will be opening at least six trails that have never been open to the public before: beginner (green) trails Lolly Lolly Lolly, Hiccup, Wasatch, Viking Highway, and Bifrost; intermediate (blue) trail Valkyrie. Mountain teams expect to open extreme (double black) trail Show Me along with advanced (black) trails TBS, Pine Creek, 2020, and others later this season.

As of Tuesday, 1/19/21, all lift evacuations, load testing, and pre-opening procedures have been completed and passed. We are anticipating a snow storm this weekend that could potentially open all of the terrain for the new lift to be open to the public.

Prepare early for the lift by purchasing your discounted lift tickets in advance!


New High Speed 6 Person Chair

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