The Nordic Express

🕑 Updated July 27, 2022 at 7:08 AM MST

With the addition of our new lift last year, new trails and snowmaking have been added for the 2021/2022 winter season. The installation of Nordic Valley’s first high-speed detachable chairlift added 100 more skiable acres including more intermediate and expert skiing to Nordic Valley.  This summer, more trails were cut and snowmaking was added to make this area more accessible for the 2021/2022 winter season. To see the map, click here.

First New Lift In 20+ Years

  • 6 person, high-speed detachable chairlift, manufactured by Leitner Poma
  • Length: 4,213 ft
  • Speed: 4.2 minutes (1,000 ft per minute)
  • Capacity: 2,500 people per hour
  • 1,400 feet elevation gain 

Additional Trails and Snowmaking

  • The expansion area includes 300 acres of new skiable terrain
  • In the first year, Nordic Valley will focus on building trails to service and support the new lift (over 50 skiable acres) – exact trail count will be announced at a later date
  • Additional snowmaking infrastructure

In Future Years, Nordic Valley Will Add:

  • 100 acres of developed runs
  • 40 new runs, including beginner, intermediate and expert trails – this will nearly double the current trail count
  • 200 acres of gladed skiing
  • The new expansion will more than triple Nordic Valley’s skiable acres

Photos courtesy of lift manufacturer, Leitner-Poma, of Arizona Snowbowl’s Grand Canyon Express; also a high-speed 6-pack 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new lift be completed?

We expect the high-speed detachable chairlift to be completed for winter 2020/2021.

What’s a high-speed detachable chairlift?

What makes the high-speed detachable chairlift different from any other type of lift at Nordic Valley is primarily speed. Detachable chairlifts move far faster than fixed-grip lifts and their engineering allows the chair to slow considerably for convenient loading and unloading.

What are we naming the new lift?

We haven’t yet decided! Stay tuned – we’ll announce this at a later time.

How many trails will be open this winter?

This will be announced at a later date.

What kind of trails will they be?

Our expansion project includes beginner trails and also a significant number of intermediate, advanced, and expert runs. We will announce what trails and their assigned skill levels will be available for winter 2020/2021 at a later date.

Will Nordic Valley still be affordable?

Absolutely! While many ticket prices and season pass prices will increase, we remain committed to keeping Nordic Valley’s status as Northern Utah’s most affordable ski resort.

Why is Nordic Valley doing this now?

We’re passionate about the ski industry, and about giving families and individuals the freedom and opportunity to ski. There’s a lot of uncertainty in our world right now, but our Skiing First mantra remains unchanged.

What about the 4.3 mile-long gondola

While we’re focusing on the current expansion project, we are always thinking about and planning for the future of Nordic Valley, including the gondola.

When will season passes go on sale?

Right now! See our all-new menu of pass products, featuring the Power Pass Select, where there’s something for everyone.

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